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Letter from the President

Dear Families, Friends and Supporters,

Welcome to MACtown, Inc., or shall I say the virtual world of MACtown, Inc.

I hope you take a few moments to peruse this web site so you may learn about the wonderful things we do here at MACtown, get to know the people we serve, and those that serve them. The mission of MACtown, Inc. (Miami Achievement Center for the Developmentally Disabled) is to create hope and opportunity for People with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities.

We believe that all people, at all ages, and all levels of ability, have the potential to learn and grow.  We also believe that all individuals are entitled to the same dignity and respect that each of us expects in our lives.

With that stated goal, we provide a wide array of programs and services to assist the people we serve while maximizing their potential.  We pledge to maintain the highest level of excellence and quality in all that we endeavor to do.  We are committed to the continual pursuit of excellence.

At MACtown we are resolute in our commitment to helping the people we serve reach their highest potential, to lead more independent productive lives, and to be valued members of their respective communities.

People with disabilities have hopes, dreams and preferences. We strive to help them find their voice to express those dreams by providing choice in their lives.  We assist them in realizing they are individuals first and foremost...and to achieve true independence, they must be provide the opportunity to acquire the skills necessary to do more for themselves.

As members of their communities, people with disabilities may spend free time pursuing the same interests as you and I.  If that means going to a concert or enjoying a sporting event, those opportunities will be provided.  They also strive to work at jobs where their co-workers and employers value their skills and contributions.  Provided the necessary skills, people with disabilities go about their day with purpose - taking a class, volunteering, or going to work.

We believe that our staff are our most important resource.  We are committed to promoting and encouraging their involvement and participation at all levels of the management of the organization. MACtown facilitates the growth of our staff through continued education and training.  We believe that great accomplishments are achieved through teamwork and encourage our staff to join us in creating an environment that is characterized by respect, kindness, effective communication, and a positive approach.

Our management philosophy is the people we serve come first, and the employees come second. Without these two groups of people, MACtown would not be the outstanding organization that it has become.  All employees are encouraged to express their views directly, constructively, and positively to their supervisors, and all other managers, as they deem necessary, without any fear of retribution.

After taking a tour of our virtual world, it is our hope that you will come away more enlightened.  As an extension of that, have a desire to learn even more about this fantastic organization that I am so very honored to lead.  On behalf of the people we serve, the employees of MACtown, and the outstanding volunteer members of the Board of Directors, we thank you for your support.


Clint Bower

President & CEO

MACtown, Inc.


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Furthering the Independence of People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

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